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"Helping You Design Your Future" is not just a slogan, it is a mission that I have been on for the last 10 years. As a gay creative entrepreneur, I understand the challenges we go through to stay connected, sane and productive while our creativity runs wild. I am here to help.

I have done all the programs, conferences, get rich schemes, and took from them actionable systems to help you design your True Awesome Life. (along with a network of amazing entrepreneurs, soloprerneurs, and creative geniuses)

So what does your “True Awesome Life” look like? What support do you need to get there? Reach out today so that we can get started.

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Mantra - Raise Your Vibration

Designed to help you raise your vibration so that you can live your true awesome life

Tool Tip Tuesday

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Tool Tip Tuesday

Tips and tools to help you run your business and design your life

Now Live Meditation Group

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Now Live

Come Meditate with Jeff and fight against the voices.

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