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JP Adkins hosts two different broadcasts designed to help you reach your full potential. 

Mantra is for the people who realize that if you are on a higher vibration (feeling happy, energized, fulfilled, moved, hyped) you have a better experience when facing the world. The first five minutes are designed to get you centered and focused, the rest of the time is to move your vibration to get you into the peak state of wellbeing ready to attack the world! Listen to Mantra as you get ready in the morning to start your day off right. DJ’s from around the world are requested to submit a short progressive set (20-30 minutes) with the first five minutes being minimal to allow a meditation to be dubbed over. All sets are due the Wednesday before going live to allow for post production.  Mantra is released on Mondays at Midnight EST. Click Here to listen to past episodes.

Awesome Chat Live is a weekly interview show hosted by JP Adkins that harnesses the power of Google Hangouts to talk with interesting people about life, current events, their projects, and life’s big questions. Awesome Chats are scheduled live and rebroadcasted through on Tuesdays. (Please note when scheduling your Awesome Chat, this is live and you will need a webcam) Time is scheduled the weekend before to make sure the technology is working properly. Click Here to See Past Episodes 


You can use the application below to schedule either an Awesome Chat Live Interview or a Mantra Podcast date. Please note although there are multiple times to choose from for Awesome Chat Live, if you see a red time on the screen for the date that you requested, that date is not available. 

Thank you for your interest in JP Adkins : Design where "Helping You Design Your Future" is not just a slogan, it is a mission. I believe that everyone is perfect, whole, and complete and has the ability to live the life of their dreams no matter what their current circumstances may be. My job is to help you remove the obstacles that are holding you back or create the materials to move you forward.

I specialize in assisting individuals & companies in creating Life Plans with proven systems that work for you to obtain any goal personal, professional, or financial..

No one program is right for everyone and together we can help find a roadmap to bring you to your next level. There is no time like the present, contact me now and I will get back to you personally within 48 hours to help you design a solution to get you from where you are to where you want to be.