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JP Adkins Design Personal and Professional coaching allows you to find balance, freedom, and time to enjoy life.

Do you feel stuck?
Do you feel like you constantly need a vacation?
Do you feel like you are always moving but aren't getting anywhere?
Not sure how to get to the next level?

Personal & Professional Coaching From JP Adkins Can Help!

My personal and professional coaching helps you find balance by centering your energy on actionable items and focusing on that which YOU care about. This allows you to find more time to enjoy the life you have while building the life YOU want!

Contact me today to schedule your free consultation so that we can start designing your #TrueAwesomeLife!

As I begin coaching, I have been developing tools that will accelerate achieving my client's  goals. Some I have used for years, some are modifications of things I have seen others use successfully, and the last are things that just make sense to me and I am implementing into my daily life.
I believe that most of us have heard about Law of Attraction or that "Secret" everyone has been talking about. Well according to Abraham-Hicks, essentially the one to discover this,  the reason we don't see as much results as we would like is because of what she calls, "Split Energy", I call it the "Yeah Buts". 

Me-and-myself-What-you-see-is-what-you-getI have had the pleasure of working with the public for most of my life. This has allowed me some interesting glimpses into human interaction and none so interesting as the other day when I had a Jenga event.

mayyouliveI still can’t quite wrap my head around the senseless tragedy that happened in Orlando. Not only have I been to Pulse, I was at Motor City Pride on Saturday celebrating the fabulousness that is me. There was a young man wearing fatigue pants and carrying a guitar case. Wayne had spotted him and commented on the case, I blew it off as the guitar that it probably was. Now, I can’t be sure.

The war on drugs has been a very personal one for me. Not only have I had my own battle with drugs, I have had relationships with people who have had also suffered from addiction. What I can tell you from my experiences is that it isn’t a criminal issue.

I did one thing that has changed my productivity and improved my relationships at least tenfold; I deleted my Facebook App. I am admittedly a Facebook addict and spent much of my time scrolling aimlessly through my feed. Facebook has me trained to want to share every minute detail of my life with people even if they don’t care. Instead of relying on Facebook for my communication, I went back to making an old-fashioned phone call.

Now, I am not saying that Facebook isn’t a great tool. It has just sucked up hours of your time without you even thinking about it. If you are anything like me, I am checking my phone for notifications constantly. I can tell you that I am on Facebook while on my laptop, and have been known to open it on my phone’s browser from time to time; but, I am not on it nearly as much as I was without the little notification trigger. I have found this one trick helped me get more done and many friends and family members have said that they have really enjoyed our conversations lately. That little break in the cycle makes me stop and think if I really have something to say or do I want to.

For you it might not be Facebook, it might be Snapchat, Twitter, or Pinterest that take up your time. Pick the social media that you find yourself jonesing to check constantly and give yourself the little space by deleting the app. Try it for a week and let me know how it works for you.  

Till Next Time, You Are Loved

American Flag by Charlee Swanson  In America, we grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance and whether you add “under God” or not it includes “One nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” Yet, we have people who are actively trying to divide us at every turn. From pastors to politicians, we see divisive rhetoric that is clearly leading to the acceptance of hate and animosity throughout the country.

“When a problem arises, so does the solution.”  -John Considine

Some weeks are crazier than others.  After a great week at Outlantacon, I had to get back to real life.  I helped clean up what could have been a PR disaster, worked fifty five hours in the day job, created two different ads, worked on two websites, and created a daily schedule for a client. Not to mention, I have been exploring different social media issues for a big project coming up.  I know I am a work-a-holic but this overload had me wanting to throw my laptop and drop my phone back in the toilet. For those of you that do not know, I had dropped my phone in the toilet at the airport in Atlanta trying to take live scat pictures for Patti. Well, not really taking pictures, but it is one of the funnier stories that I have come up with for why my phone ended up in the toilet. Needless to say, I have a new phone, but I digress.

"We are not broken; we do not need fixing; we don't need teaching; we just need to accept who we are." Panache Desai


After a beautiful night out with J.P. Barnaby and Kage Alan, I have been inspired to write again.  Lately, this has been difficult.  My mind is not in the right space at the moment.  You really have to watch what you wish for.  For those that do not know, my day job has me running a restaurant just outside of Detroit.  Anyone that has worked it knows that some times are more difficult than others, and we are in one of those times. 



Take 28 Days to Unplug and Connect

In my quest to serve the world, I have started the process of ordainment in the Temple of the Jedi Order. These are my assignments and thoughts through this training.

May You Be Inspired was a challenge for the month of May in 2017.

For the month of May, I gave my followers a challenge to move something in their lives. Each day, I sent an inspirational email to their inbox and from the feedback I have received, things moved! I am including the first 7 on my site to kinda kick start you into moving something in your life!

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