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Oh I wrote a book

Jedi Training

In my quest to serve the world, I have started the process of ordainment in the Temple of the Jedi Order. These are my assignments and thoughts through this training.

By going out of your mind you come to your senses! Alan Watts

In this lesson, we were to listen to Alan Watts’ “Teaching Meditation” and discuss our thoughts.

In the end, it is our playing the game of black & white that hides our true nature. We sense the world around us in the contrast of this and that yet what if IT (that which has been called God, Source, Universe, Allah, Great Mystery, The Force, and many others) is constant. We wouldn’t sense IT except in our change from IT. Abraham-Hicks says that emotions are your guidance system to tell you that you and IT are from each other. When you are happy, loving and generally feeling good you are in agreement with IT as opposed to sad, depressed, and hateful.

As a Jedi, we believe that death is just a return to IT, part of the eternal pulse of on and off stage that has no real beginning or end. Yet, many still fear the off cycle but to do that would be like fearing the color black. It is just one side of the everlasting game.

IT eludes every description. Yet, when speaking of IT, there is no alternative to the use of conceptions and images. Watts warns us that idolatry is not the use of images, but confusing them with what they represent.

I have heard ego defined as Edging God Out and we would have to agree that the more we conceive ourselves as separate beings defined by the skin, the less we accept our true being and that this form of identity is no more than a social institution.

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