Is it bad that I referenced my Facebook year in review for this article?  I find it odd how much I rely on this one site for so much information, communication, and pleasure.  It isn't since the old Gay.com days that this was true. I guess I kinda dated myself using that reference.  

Well some big things, I got engaged officially this year.  It seems as if we were always engaged in my head, but I made it official over dinner at the Emory before seeing “Making Porn” at the Ringwald Theatre. I wanted to do it during Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony which I was so fortunate to go see this year, but the custom ring did not come in timely enough.  No worries, it was still a lovely moment and we held hands in public for the first time.  Sometimes it is the little things that make something so special. We also adopted Tedd, our little Yorkie mutt that truly reminds me that life is good always.

I had the amazing opportunity to travel this year! First to Atlanta for the Outlantacon Conference where I got the opportunity to see face to face someone that has become very important in my life.  I speak of none other than Patricia Logan aka RED, aka REDBUSH, aka Granny.  These women, with the help of Kage Alan, and J.P. Barnaby have kept me off ledges that were too high for my fairy godparents to fly. Not that she was the only one I met that trip; I met the amazing Patricia Nelson, Keirnan, Tiss, Eden and so many more that my feeble mind can’t think of.  It was a highlight of my life, not just my year.

I also got the chance to travel with the Pumpkin to Cedar Point.  It was so nice to wake up out of the routine and scream our heads off.  If a 500 ft drop don't wake you up, nothing will.

Later in the year I got the opportunity to travel to California for what I call the JiffyPop World Tour! I stayed a couple nights at my dear friend, Jeska’s house in San Fransisco.  It was amazing, enlightening, and truly life altering hanging with her and her hubby Brad.  They are good peeps! Thank you again Amanda for picking me up at the airport.  Our afternoon together was the perfect way to start the journey.

I then traveled down to Palm Springs for their Pride Fest meeting up with Ms. Logan and Mr. Alan along the way.  This trip was supposed to be the release party for The Awakening, but alas, it wasn’t to be so. More work needs to happen on the novel that never dies.  I did however thoroughly enjoy myself there while meeting the wonderful Eric and hanging with Logan & Alan.  I swear that you would never believe some of the conversations we had.  The big highlights would have to be seeing Berlin with Kage and dinner with Eric.  I have gotten glimpses of what life can be and I will have it.

I finished this trip with Patti and her family.  It was as if I were part of the family and words cannot express how much that means to me. 

I had the opportunity to do my first international magazine ad for the queen of self publishing herself, Ms. G.A. Hauser.  This led to a featured article in my local paper, which led to some amazing clients flowing into my life such as Cara, Renee, Tricia, Kimber, Patrick and Lisa. Giving me confidence to leave my day job and focus on JP Adkins Design full time.  I now can’t imagine doing anything else. I am so thankful to you all for making this dream come true for me. 

I have grown spiritually this year with the help of Super Soul Sunday and later The Spiritual Life Center of Ferndale.  For me, it has been like finding a user manual to life. The directions are really easy; we just don’t believe it so we complicate things. It truly comes down to three things: Follow Your Bliss, Help Someone Else Follow Their Bliss, Harm No One Along the Way, and Be Thankful for it All!  

In 2014, I wish to continue on this path of self awareness and fulfillment that we started this year. In numerology it is an eight year for me meaning that it is the year in which I reap what I have sown.  I have sown such great friendships with people like Phoenix, Kimber, Momo, and Joelle that I see the rewards daily. I still have MyAwesomeFans.com to complete, The Awakening to complete, and want to see the Spiritual Life Center grow beyond what I can even fathom right now. As Kage said, “With people like you to walk alongside, how can we lose?”


Here is to a wonderful new year!


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