This week’s topic comes from the wonderfully talented, Summer Rose who wants to know what the worse thing I have ever done to a character.  In my upcoming novel, The Awakening, I would have to say the worse thing I ever did was push my main character off of a seventeen story building.  It was to show him his true self, but still not the nicest thing to do to someone.  Want to read a bit?


Unedited from The Awakening coming soon by JP Adkins:

He wound us through the city back roads and alleys. Many areas were just gutted, maybe one or two houses on the block with anyone living in them.  It was sad to see how far depressed this once vibrant city had become. As we crossed I-94, I started to recognize where we were.  I briefly lived in this area with an ex. Funny thing about him was, every time he got horny, his mouth would get cold.

We crisscrossed through the neighborhood, staying parallel to Michigan Ave till the expressway forced us onto the main boulevard where we had to slow down to avoid suspicion.  I still had no clue where we were going, but when he crossed over to Roosevelt Park, I had an idea.

 “Jade, we can’t go breaking through walls here. This place is special.”

 “We’re not darlin, just follow me.”

The seventeen stories of the abandoned Michigan Central Station loomed before us and before I knew it, we had walked around the back and were inside the main hall.

I had never been inside, although all of my friends went.  I was always working. I couldn’t believe how at once something can be so ruined and so beautiful at the same time.  It is something to behold much like the Coliseum in Rome; something of a different time, a different age. I wish I would have brought a camera as we ascended the staircase.  

I can’t remember which floor, but we had to switch staircases in order to continue, since someone had stolen all of the steel that had originally held the staircase up.  

An interesting fact about the train station is that the top two floors were never finished.  Due to the train station’s location outside of downtown, the station was never close enough to the people that would truly use it and the area never turned into the commerce center that the developers had hoped.

“Hey Darlin,” Jade broke me of my thoughts, “why are you so quiet?”

“It is just so beautiful; I can’t believe that they would let this fall into such ruin. Can you imagine Grand Central or Union Station being shut down? It is the same architect.”

 “Detroit never did have real public transportation.”

 “Actually, Detroit had the first electric street cars, almost a full year before San Diego.”

 “Really darlin?”

 “Yeah, the electric system was invented by a Detroiter.  The auto makers have killed all forms of transportation.  I remember going to Tiger Stadium and asking my dad why there were tracks in the road.”

 “My dad and I use to talk about the military, honor, discipline, I couldn’t imagine him taking me to a baseball game.”

 “I wasn’t into sports very much but I do remember going to a couple games with Dad. He tried; I just wasn’t that into the typical things.  We later found common ground in history and politics.”

I could see the longing in his eyes. Not for me, but for my childhood.  It had its rocky parts, but all in all, my parents did the best they could with what they had.  It isn’t easy raising seven kids.

We had stopped in our accent just before the door to the roof and when I saw that there was nothing more to say, I opened it.  It was an amazing view of the city. We made it across the roof and sat on the edge of the building.  The ground seemingly It almost took my breath away as the sun started to set behind us, causing amazing shadows across the water seemingly close, yet so far away and so far down.

We sat there, arm in arm, for a few moments, each of us in our own thoughts but not uncomfortably so. I was enjoying the contrast of the cool air and Jade’s warm body when he turned and kissed me.

He looked me straight into the soul as he broke away and asked, “So after all this time, why now are you hanging out with me?”

It took me a moment before I could answer. Is this what he was thinking of this whole time as I was admiring the scenery? “Because, I kept looking backwards and I couldn’t appreciate what was in front of my face.”

I kissed him, pushing in all the feelings, doubts, love, fear and when we broke away, I could see the glint in his eyes.

 “What?” I asked not trusting that look.

“Didn’t you say you felt invincible earlier?”

 “Yes,” I said tentatively, “why?”

 “You ready?”

 “What are you,” he started getting up and I could see what he was thinking, “NO. You are fucking crazy if you think I am.” That is all I got out before he pushed me off the ledge and jumped right next to me, the ground closing in as I screamed and before I knew it I was on the ground with Jade panting and stunned that there is still breath in my body.

I rolled over and waited to find the broken bone, or the puddle of blood, but the aches and pains I was expecting weren’t there.  After a few more shocked breathes I got up and turned to Jade.

“Dude what the fuck are you doing?  I could have been killed.”

“Darlin, you are a vampire.  You have blood running through you that was immortal.”

“But how do you know that I can do these things?” I screamed getting closer into his personal space.

Jade’s eyes got narrow and somehow different, more animalistic as he growled, “You can be the predator, or you can be the prey.  It is up to you to live your life, Eric and if you want to be a pussy and not enjoy the gifts given to you, gifts people would die for, then fuck you.”

The look in his eye triggered something primal in me and  I swung before I even thought about it. It connected right on the jaw and sent Jade tumbling to the ground but before I knew it he was up and snarling.  In that moment, I was afraid he would shift.  I had only ever seen this in the movies and didn’t want to know how realistic those were now.

“Nice of you to get some balls,” Jade said as he walked towards me slowly. “I can smell the fear coming off you in waves. What are you afraid of Eric? You are vampire. You have drank blood. You have strength. Why are you afraid to use it?

“I don’t want to fight with you Jade,” I tried to bring strength to my voice, but it sounded weak even to me.

 “Oh Eric, we aren’t going to fight,” with that I was on my back with Jade on top of me.  My heart was beating wildly as he pinned my arms down with his thighs on the abandoned tracks and licked my face. “Darlin, your face is too adorable to crush but if you ever hit me again, it may be the last thing you do.”

In a blink of an eye, I had the roles reversed and I was looking into his beautiful green eyes, “Don’t make threats you might not be able to back up.”

Please let me know what you think below and check out everyone's thoughts on this matter.  A special shout out to Summer Rose who again came up with the topic but can't market her own post due to her hosting someone else today.  Make sure to check hers out here

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Sometimes We All Need A Reboot!

As a gay creative entrepreneur, I know the unique challenges of keeping the creative juices flowing while trying to run a business and have a life.
Here are 10 simple exercises you can use to get your day back on track when you are feeling stuck, discouraged, or just plain need to start over! 
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