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February Unplug to Connect Challenge

Do you find yourself constantly looking down at your phone to check social media? When is the last time you called a friend to talk instead of sending a text? When is the last time you invited a friend over to play a game? Do you find yourself searching on dating apps?

There are so many different barriers to creating real connections these days and one of the biggest I have found is my reliance on social media and apps to communicate. I have devised a challenge for myself to eliminate my reliance on social media and test my sense of connection to the people around me.


A screenshot of all the apps that will be goingThe Challenge:

  • Remove social media apps from phone
  • Set up time each week to see people in person
  • Send at least 3 people a personal note in the mail
  • No texting more than an address
  • Create Networking Event for my business
  • Go to at least 2 other Networking events
  • Weekly Updates Emailed to List


Social Media is not evil and had its uses which is why I will still be checking in daily using my computer for timed visits.(30 minutes twice daily). I am also doing a couple things this week to get things ready such as writing down important birthdays (Yes, I do love those reminders), addressing the challenge in my profiles, and making sure my MailChimp is working correctly.

So who would like to join me? Drop me a message and I will make sure to support you. You can also follow along with my journey (and get the rest of my great content in your inbox) by clicking here.



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