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My Social Media Apps
All of these Apps Have Been Deleted Off My Phone

To many people, this may be too much information, but I believe in order, to understand the challenge completely, you have to take a look into the behaviors that prompted it. Your behaviors may be a little different but see if any of the reasons may be the same.

I have found that I use social media apps as a main source of connection with friends, family, and people in general while making it my go to time suck. I have related sex, likes, and comments to connection. I have found myself craving validation in the arms of different people and all the while craving a connection that the interaction could never create. Do you hear yourself anywhere in this conversation?

Through this challenge, my intention is to make real connections with people both who I have allowed myself to fall out of contact with and those who I am yet to meet. I have scheduled myself to be in a few networking events. I will reach out and call old friends with the intention on getting together for a drink, coffee, a meal or movie. I will create a Mantra, finish this Jedi class, and keep you updated weekly on my progress this month.

This week’s thoughts:

What do I really use social media for? What ways can I create real connections instead?

This week's actions:

  • Take all social media/hook up apps off your phone
  • Make at least five phone calls to friends you haven’t talked to in a while
  • Send birthday cards to anyone with a birthday this week
  • Find events for the month where you can connect with new people in real life
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