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Oh I wrote a book

Me-and-myself-What-you-see-is-what-you-getI have had the pleasure of working with the public for most of my life. This has allowed me some interesting glimpses into human interaction and none so interesting as the other day when I had a Jenga event.

It was amazing how many people wouldn’t play Jenga for fear of knocking it down. Don’t they know that is the fun part? Now, I do admit that having a game set up in a random location such as a grocery store may be off-putting. Yet, it got me thinking about how much we put looking good in front of having what we really want in life. What dreams have we failed to pursue, what fun have we failed to enjoy, and what experiences have we missed out on just because it wouldn’t look good? When is the last time you skipped or danced, or jumped on the back of your grocery cart and rode it down the main aisle? I challenge you to spend the next couple days remembering that life is supposed to be fun! Smile at everyone you meet, dance, sing, play a game, or sample something new. Try making people wonder what is up with you that you are having so much fun and remember that you are loved!

About JP Adkins

JPJP Adkins sees it as his mission in life to help you realize your dreams and to uplift your mood. JP Adkins is a celebrated graphic and web designer who recently started True Awesome Clothing Company which is committed to you feeling bold, at ease, and strongly rooted in any circumstance. He gets pleasure in finding ways to make life more beautiful for himself and those around him. His dream is to travel the country writing inspirational stories and leading meditations wherever he goes. He believes too many times we allow ourselves to quit trying because we tell ourselves we don’t know how, we don’t have the money, and we aren’t good enough. He wants to inspire others to take the inspired action required to design their lives. In his quest to serve the world, he has taken the first steps in ordainment in the Order of the Jedi. He is fond of saying, "May you feel the presence of the Force" for the Force is always with you.  

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