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Oh I wrote a book

I did one thing that has changed my productivity and improved my relationships at least tenfold; I deleted my Facebook App. I am admittedly a Facebook addict and spent much of my time scrolling aimlessly through my feed. Facebook has me trained to want to share every minute detail of my life with people even if they don’t care. Instead of relying on Facebook for my communication, I went back to making an old-fashioned phone call.

Now, I am not saying that Facebook isn’t a great tool. It has just sucked up hours of your time without you even thinking about it. If you are anything like me, I am checking my phone for notifications constantly. I can tell you that I am on Facebook while on my laptop, and have been known to open it on my phone’s browser from time to time; but, I am not on it nearly as much as I was without the little notification trigger. I have found this one trick helped me get more done and many friends and family members have said that they have really enjoyed our conversations lately. That little break in the cycle makes me stop and think if I really have something to say or do I want to.

For you it might not be Facebook, it might be Snapchat, Twitter, or Pinterest that take up your time. Pick the social media that you find yourself jonesing to check constantly and give yourself the little space by deleting the app. Try it for a week and let me know how it works for you.  

Till Next Time, You Are Loved

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