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  1. I want you to imagine that you spend five years of you blood, sweat, and tears on something and then someone tells you it is complete rubbish and no one will care about it. As an artist, there is nothing worse. As a new author, it was a dream killer. You have to understand, I […]
  2. This week we have a very special edition of Mantra with music by SoundMonk. If you like this podcast please take a moment to Subscribe and Share with a Friend!   Now take a deep breath put your feet firmly on the ground and we will begin.   We start by focusing where your body […]
  3. Welcome to Mantra 32 The Rascal! This week we have music from White Noise, Jamie Berry, Hi Noise, Gareth & Mastak, Filippo Nozzi.   Take a nice deep breath and fall into this groove. There is nowhere you have to be in this moment. There is nothing you have to do. Just allow yourself to […]
  4. I have had the pleasure of working with the public for most of my life. This has allowed me some interesting glimpses into human interaction and none so interesting as the other day when I had a Jenga event. It was amazing how many people wouldn’t play Jenga for fear of knocking it down. Don’t […]
  5. By going out of your mind you come to your senses! Alan Watts In this lesson, we were to listen to Alan Watts’ “Teaching Meditation” and discuss our thoughts. Having taught meditation for a couple years now, it was interesting to hear Watts discuss not only the how to of meditation but the why. The […]