The leaves are falling down and the air is getting crisp.  I can smell the pumpkin spice garbage when I walk the dog. It must be getting close to Halloween.  I have friends that love this holiday, I can take it or leave it.  I like the day after when the candy goes on sale. 


I was always this way.  It was normally cold and rainy so we had to wear coats over or under our costumes which were typically store bought.  My sister and her friends would take us all around town finding the best blocks. We would be out for hours and many times need help carrying our pillow cases that we used for goody bags. My older sister is amazing like that.

A Very Early Halloween with Rich & Papaw

I do have a couple that stand out though.  I was a beatnik for a party at the Dzwigalski’s house. I had just gotten back from Philly and had no money so my mother bought me a mop top wig and I wore all black.  The party was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time. I don’t think anyone really got my costume, but hey I had fun anyways.

Another year that stands out would have to be my freshman year of high school.  The senior class was doing a big haunted house and my friend’s older brother was the head of it.  I don’t remember exactly what happened, but for some reason I was at school late that day and ended up getting recruited to help.  I was the only freshman that got to do so and remembered feeling honored.  Funny thing is I had nothing scary about me. I was less than five feet and couldn’t look scary if I tried. Somehow, when they got the clown makeup and the skull cap on they said there was something in my eyes that scared the shit out of them. My younger sister would say the same thing years later one time when I was babysitting.

In the end, I don’t hate Halloween, I just wasn’t geeked up about it as other people were. I was never as creative as the rest of my friends and always felt a little like an outsider even with people that knew me the best.  I was a follower and an ass kisser.  I guess some things never change.

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