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Oh I wrote a book

I once heard that if you can put it down, you should give it up.  Having just finished my first novel that took me over 5 years, I can say that is utter rubbish. You have the obligation to yourself to at least finish it.  Now, publishing it is a whole different animal.  Finishing my novel has given me such confidence that unless you have done it, you could never understand.



I write blog posts so that I can express thoughts and opinions to an unsuspecting world.  I try to live my life openly so that others may learn from my successes and failures. At the end of the day it is all about helping people live happier lives.  Wow that sounded pretentious of me.  What I mean is, I am just a person trying to live my life. I have many experiences, both good and bad that I believe can help other people to live better.


I am also a fount of useless knowledge. Ask anyone that has spent any amount of time with me.  I pull random facts from the air and very rarely am I wrong.  Pumpkin calls me Mr. Google.  I once was sitting in the hospital with my mother and the blood pressure machine was not calibrated correctly. It had a strange “C” in the read out but it wasn’t in Celsius. I told the nurse it was in Calvin and looked up the conversion.  How I knew that, I couldn’t tell you.  My algebra teacher said that I learned by osmosis.  I would frequently fall asleep in her class but when she asked me a question, I always had the answer.  She learned to let me snore.


I also love the connections I have made.  I don’t know what my life would be like without the wonderful people I have met through the publishing business.  Kage, Patti, J.P., Nelson, MoMo, Amanda and Kimber are just a few people that have enriched my life in ways that I will never be able to express.


So in the end, my life is enriched through writing in many different ways. 

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