My muse is a very fickle creature.  I swear he demands different things of me daily and gets bored easily.  Sometimes he wants snacks, sometimes tea, sometimes coffee. He always wants a comfy chair, but sometimes doesn’t allow me to do anything but stare at the screen till I am as far away from it as humanly possible. Sometimes he gets specific such as wanting Funions and cheddar dip and sometimes he just spits things out because the wind blew the right way.


I have created a little office area when I stopped working the EDJ.  It is in the corner of the dining room with one of the old kitchen arm chairs as the desk chair.  Yes, yes I do spoil my muse.  Above my desk is a painting by the late Adelina Fuentes.  She painted it one day while I was taking art classes with her. I swear I saw her completed before she had finished it. She looks over me and blesses my endeavors.

As for music, my muse likes music!  I am constantly looking for new things to amuse him.  I find that he likes electronic in the afternoon, acoustic in the morning and evening, and new age in between.  Now the times may change and the playlist has to be constantly updated.  There was a time that he only wanted to hear Pearl Jam’s Binaural. I guess he was feeling extremely anksty that month.

I do know that he doesn’t like to write while moving. He wouldn’t dare allow that while I was on the planes or train last week.  He takes frequent social media breaks and gets angry when I dare close the browser. Like a true queen, he needs an audience sometimes he even needs porn.


All-in-all, when he is appeased, he can be brilliant (at least for other people), sees things as no one else, and creates beauty when he is in the mood. I love my muse.

Please leave me some love below.  The folks on your right are all awesome and deserve love too.


Till Next Time,

Be Fabulous!



JP Adkins lives just outside of Detroit in a beautiful art community with his fiance and dog. He enjoys long walks on the beach and his goal in life is to facilitate world peace.  

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