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Oh I wrote a book

While there have been many things that I have learned in my life.
  I want to talk about what they don’t tell you about finishing your first novel.  I have chosen to self publish my first novel instead of going with a publisher.  The reason was that the job of a publisher is to edit, format, design the cover and market your book.  I complete everything on that except editing on for a living.  I am in essence, a publishing house without the editor and I know quite a few wonderful ones that have worked with the big publishing houses. This should be easy right?  This is what I learned.

Your first book is not going to be a masterpiece before editing. It may not be a masterpiece after editing. Your editor is being paid to tell you how to make it better, not how to spare your feelings.  Do not set a release date till after you have edited the book.  Plan blog hops, book signings, and release parties as soon as you set a release date.  Ask JP Barnaby very nicely for her list of what she does for a release. She has it down to a science and should teach a class.  Kage Alan is an amazing friend to have because he doesn’t let you wallow in your own shit too long.  Patricia Logan is like a lioness and is a wonderful person to talk to when you don’t agree with your editor.  In the end, this is your work and you don’t have to listen to the editor.  They work for you, but you probably should listen to them, their name goes on this book too.  Plan your marketing materials when you are half way through the book and start stocking up.  Remember to tell Monique that she is beautiful every day.  She forgets that too much and her support can mean the world to you. Through it all, send love.  Send love to the people that will read it, send love to your friends, send love to your enemies, and send love to your editor.  You won’t always feel like it, but you should do it anyways.

See what Kimber, Joelle, Monique, Kage, and Patti have learned and show them some love.


And with that I will remind you, you are loved.


Till next time,


Be Fabulous!


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