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Oh I wrote a book

You have to understand, I had helped many authors build their careers at this point. I knew that an author’s first book was going to be heavily edited because quite frankly, your first book is almost always rubbish before an editor has gotten a hold of it. I have heard horror stories about publishing houses wanting complete rewrites and I guess because I am me, mine would be better. Let me preference this all by saying that writing this book wasn’t easy for me. Much of this book is based off real life events. The sex and the drugs all happened, much of it as described. The killing spree wasn’t mine, but another person I know who has since been arrested. Putting myself in that place had made it all real again and challenged my sobriety. Having finished this book, my excitement was at an all-time high but my confidence was at an all-time low. This made the editing process extremely difficult; not really because of what was said, but how it confirmed the worse in me. You know, the voices that say you are not good enough, smart enough, or just not enough. I put this book on the shelf and decided that I wasn’t going to publish it. Four years later, I finally got the confidence to bring it back out and give it a look. The work I have done first with the Spiritual Life Center of Ferndale, then with Landmark Worldwide has allowed me to separate myself from the thoughts in my head. Now, I am kinda excited about writing book 2. The process this character must go through to atone for what happens in book 1 is extreme. Yet, we all have the things we are atoning for, the voices in our head that is punishing us for things that didn’t even happen or certainly didn’t happen the way you remember them. So what advice can I give to someone who is struggling with the same issues? You are not your thoughts. I am not saying that every book or every project is a masterpiece. No one hits it out of the park every time. Yet, you have a voice and as you hone your craft you will find that it is in your uniqueness that you shine.

The Awakening Book CoverAbout The Awakening:

What would you do if you found out you were genetically a Vampire? Would you embrace it or run? I have found that power is a strange thing - sometimes it pulls you into places you never knew you would go. I have done things that most have only dreamed of; ran through walls, jumped off buildings but it all seems like folly. I am what happens when genetics mutate, when the species collide,The Awakening The Blog Tour : Dream Killer #SexDrugsVampires #Vampires #Shifters #Paranormal when the beauty can’t resist the beast. I can’t infect with my kiss, but I can awaken with my seed but only if they are a mutation such as I.


This book contains material that is only suitable for mature readers. It contains scenes of a sexual nature between two or more consenting men, drugs, and violence. The supernatural beings in this book do not have to worry about STDs but you do. Please do not attempt anything in this book at home.

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