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Oh I wrote a book

If you only see the fear, you will never see the beauty. Don't let anyone be a dream killerI want you to imagine that you spend five years of your blood, sweat, and tears on something and then someone tells you it is complete rubbish and no one will care about it. As an artist, there is nothing worse. As a new author, it was a dream killer.

I just finished the wonderful anthology Butt Ninjas from Hell and can tell you, PICK IT UP!  Each author brought their “A” game from Kage Alan’s Flaxen Buns of Furry to Eden Winter’s Hell Is Where the Heart Is.  You will laugh from the first page, to the last. I highly recommend it!


You can pick it up from Amazon Here.

Members of my Fanclub can pick up limited edition Facebook banners here

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Today we are lucky enough to have Ms. Patricia Logan on the blog today celebrating her new release Verified Kill.